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Principal Smith


Aaron Smith – Principal

360-833-5780, ex. 79139



Nicole O’Rourke – Associate Principal

360-833-5780, ex. 79999

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Penny Harlan – Secretary

360-833-5780, ex. 79919




Sarah Gooch – Attendance

360-833-5780, ex. 72335





Shelley Ross – School Counselor

360-833-5780, ex. 78212




Cathy Raunig – School Psychologist

360-833-5860, ex. 78307



Veronica Vitale – School Nurse

360-335-3000, ex. 77482






Trevor Bateman – Music





Gena Boone-Curtis – Paraeducator






Penny Curtis – Paraeducator






Afton Dixon – 7th Grade Humaniscience





Junah Buchanan – Cook





Mary Hazel – Spanish





Alisa Greenwood – Art





Jenni Eckart – Health Assistant





Sarah Hunt – 7th Grade Humaniscience




Michaela Illig – 7th Grade Math





Crissy Inman – 6th Grade Math





Gretchen Kendrick – Learning Support Specialist





Ken Mach – 8th Grade Math, Algebra, Geometry





Robert Mattson – Media Arts





Robert More – 6th Grade Humaniscience





Kerin Motsinger – 6th Grade Humaniscience






Austin Rains – 8th Grade Science




Vickie Stalheim – 6th Grade Math





Kael Steiner-Bailey – Health and Fitness





Roxanne Pearson – 8th Grade Humanities




Kim Cunningham – Health and Fitness




Diana Sterle – STEAM




Lisa Wilderman – 7th Grade Math