The school day consists of CORE, STAR, and FLEX classes. Students are expected to pass CORE classes to be promoted to the next grade.

CORE Classes: Students spend the majority of their day in CORE classes: English Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, and Science.

STAR (Students Arts Related)Students are required to take year-long Health/Fitness.  Sixth-grade students may elect to enroll in one of the year-long classes: Band or Choir; or a random rotation of three of the following: Art, Drama, Technology, or Introduction to Spanish. Seventh and eighth-grade students have year-long class options of Band, Choir, Greenhouse, or Spanish (lottery); or one of two rotation schedules. Each rotation schedule will include three of the class offerings including Songwriting, 3D Design, Drawing, Leadership, Video Editing, Coding, and Art.

Math Pathways: As a part of the forecasting process for mathematics, all students in the Camas School District will be placed in 6th-grade math to begin.  Students may request an advanced placement at the end of their sixth-grade year.  Those students will take an accelerated math class during the next school year.

Hi- Capable (Grades 6 & 7) Students who have been identified as Highly-Capable will receive instruction that addresses the Common Core Standards at an accelerated pace and a deeper level of understanding. Seventh and eighth-grade students will continue in their HCP language arts pathway.

Information regarding the nomination and selection process can be found on the Camas School District Highly Capable website.

Family Life and Sexual Health: Washington State Legislature mandated that an HIV (Human Immuno Deficiency Virus) program of preventative education be presented yearly to students beginning in the fifth grade.  The Camas School District has adopted appropriate materials for the Family Life and Sexual Health unit with the advice of educators, parents, and community members. Click here for more information regarding this curriculum.