Family Resources

Student Success: Students in online schools need structure and support just like students in the classroom.  Here are some recommendations for your family as you set up your learning space and place.

  • Agree on a consistent study schedule with built-in breaks, physical activity, and check-ins with parents/staff.
  • Set up an established workspace that is in the open (kitchen or living room).  Students working alone in their bedrooms is not recommended.
  • Strong internet connection.
  • Parent support and communication.  Involvement in progress meetings every two weeks is required.
  • Progress- Parents will receive weekly progress updates starting two weeks into the term.  Please read these and try to support your student in their work.

Socialization: We recommend that students attend our social events like Friday Fun Days, Assemblies, or Field Trips.  Our elementary students spend time on Zoom with their classmates but secondary students do not have live Zooms.  For secondary students, we have our office open Tuesday and Thursday from 9 am – 1 pm for live support.   Students are encouraged to attend office hours and live support to stay engaged with the school.

Sports or community Activities: We also recommend combining CCA with community events and sports to ensure students get to interact with peers and continue developing teamwork and social skills.

What are Parents Saying? 

We will publish survey results and parent feedback here!