Camas Connect Academy is a fully remote Alternative Learning Experience (ALE) school in the Camas School District that offers a range of engaging, flexible, and rigorous educational experiences.  We offer multiple ways to connect with our instructional team through live sessions, one-on-one tutoring, small group sessions, on-demand coursework, office hours, field trips, activity days, and drop-in support.  CCA curriculum is a blend of Camas School District curriculum, teacher-created curriculum, and quality online providers.  Our goal is to see and serve digital learners in the Camas area through rigorous and engaging content that prepares them for an ever-changing world. 

Camas Connect Academy Overview

Instruction Format Curriculum Course Listing
K-5 Program

Semesters with K-5 report card

  • Students are live daily on Zoom with their teachers and other students at least 4 hours a week in small groups, whole group, and community events.
  • Bi-monthly one-on-one meetings and communication with our teacher.
  • On-demand learning (parent support in the afternoon is helpful)
  • Live Classes: Daily whole group, English, Math, STEAM (Science Tech Engineering Art and Math), Music and Fitness
  • Monthly virtual assemblies and in person activities
  • 3-4 hours a day of direct parent support is needed to work through Book Shark at home with teacher facilitation
K-5 Courses
6-8 Program

Semesters with traditional report cards

  • Access to grading teacher’s office hours or one-on-one support daily
  • Advisory teacher support- bi-monthly check-in with a certified teacher
  • On-demand learning
  • Drop-in support at the CCA Learning Lab Monday-Friday from 9 am – 1 pm
  • Field trips and virtual activities
6-8 Courses
9-12 Program

Semesters with traditional report cards

  • Access to grading teacher’s office support daily
  • One-on-one support
  • Advisory Teacher support- bi-monthly check-ins
  • On-demand learning
  • Drop-in support at the CCA Learning Lab Monday-Friday from 9 am – 1 pm
  • Field trips and virtual activities
9-12 Courses

How it Works

Camas Connect Academy has a variety of rigorous and engaging content to help our students reach their goals.  Our students are expected to complete work on a daily basis to ensure progress in their coursework.  We recommend a regular learning schedule at home supported by a quiet place for students to interact with our staff and other students.  Here is an overview of our academic programs in more detail.

Elementary Programs- Students in grades K-5 will have the opportunity to receive live instruction with their teacher and peers through synchronous learning.  Teachers will also host small group or one-on-one meetings throughout the school day.  The curriculum is aligned to state standards and used all over the country.  BookShark curriculum offers an engaging platform, paper/pencil books, parent resources, teacher resources, and on-demand learning for K-5 students.  Students will also work out of Google Classroom and may pick up any supplies/printed materials from the CCA Office.

Middle School Programs- Our middle school students access core content through Edgenuity, electives through eDynamics (built into Edgenuity), and may also take band/choir at their resident school.  Teachers have 1 hour daily of office hours to provide support, tutoring, and progress monitoring.  Students work at their own pace so long as they finish their coursework by the end of the semester.  Daily progress and engagement are expected.  Students will meet with an advisory teacher every other week for check-in on progress and communicate weekly with their grading teachers.  Drop-in support will be available Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at the Zellerbach Administration Center.  Field trips and virtual activities will also be available throughout the year.

High School Programs- High School students in CCA access core content through Edgenuity, electives through eDynamics, and may request to take zero or first-period electives at CHS or DHS.  We support our high school students through an advisory teacher who conducts live Zoom sessions to review progress, support coursework, and connect students with resources.  Students work at their own pace as long as they finish their courses by the end of the semester.  Daily progress and engagement are expected.  Running start is available for 11th and 12th-grade students.  Grading teachers will have posted office hours where students may meet up to get support in coursework.  Throughout the year we will have field trips and virtual activities available as well as drop-in support at the Zellerbach Administration Center.

Technology– All CCA students will receive a Camas School District Chromebook for the time they are enrolled in CCA.  They will need to return the computer to our main office if they drop CCA.  CCA students have full access to the Camas School District technology department and we have a dedicated support person who handles all of our technology issues.  Please visit the CSD Technology site and look through resources.

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Edgenuity High School Courses


eDynamic Courses 6-12 Electives (built into Edgenuity)


K-5 Paper Pencil and Online Curriculm