Consistent with the theme of college-and-career- readiness, Work-Based Learning (WBL) programs provide extended learning experiences that connect the knowledge and skills developed in a classroom to a student’s future. It Camas, there are opportunities for students to participate in an internship and at the same time earn high school credit. For seniors, a senior project can be embedded within an internship, providing an additional benefit of completing their project while building their college and professional resumes. A recent article in a high school counseling publication stated that 94 percent of employers prefer to hire employees who have completed internships or apprenticeships.

We are partnering with the Downtown Camas Association and local businesses to create internships for our students that can provide them with a real-life learning experience in a specific field. In addition to internships, students who currently have a job can also take the WBL class to earn high school credit. For more information about WBL, please contact Brady Miletich at Camas High School.