Class of 2024 CHS Graduation June 7, 2024 7pm at Doc Harris

COMING UP: Find the latest list of key dates for graduation events here.

GRAD NIGHT: Grad night is a revered tradition among the Camas School District Seniors. It provides graduating seniors an opportunity to celebrate the milestone that is their graduation before stepping forward into life after high school. Grad night is a parent sponsored event that takes place directly after the CHS graduation ceremony. This is a drug free/alcohol free party.  Food and entertainment are provided. The party is only for the graduating seniors of Camas, Discovery, and Hayes Freedom High Schools, and Camas Connect Academy. The party is chaperoned by parents.  All proceeds raised through donations and sale of items are used to pay for the Camas Grad Night party.

Grad Night Party Fundraisers:

Flocking is up and running.  Below is a link to the website to place orders.

Holiday Greenery & Poinsettia fundraiser.  We will be taking orders through 11/10 and pick up will be Monday evening, November 27 at Skyridge MS.  Below are the links to order on the website.

Class of 2024 Yard Signs will be available to order in January 2024