Attendance is key to student success in school! Rich learning takes place in the classroom every day. Lessons are taught in sequence to deepen understanding of concepts that progress students understanding of skills and standards. Parents play a crucial role in stressing the importance of regular, punctual attendance. Persistent absenteeism or tardiness creates a genuine hardship for students and teachers. Please remember that according to state policy, illness, medical appointment, religious observance, and family emergency are the only reasons for an excused absence. A doctor’s excuse is necessary if a student is out due to illness for five consecutive days or more. Our school health officials will contact students with ongoing health issues to develop a plan to ensure good attendance.

Parents are asked to notify the school each day their child is absent. An automated phone message will be sent each day that your child is not at school. In addition, we request that you call, send a note, or email each day your child is gone with a detailed explanation of why they were not at school.

Students are responsible for making up missed work. Requests for homework for absences due to illness can be made through the office.

Family trips should be planned on non-school days to support each student’s education. Teachers are not expected to produce homework for students going on family trips in advance. Students who are gone for reasons unrelated to illness or emergency will have assignments available to them to make up upon their return. Special requests and family vacations will not be excused if the school determines them to adversely affect the student’s educational progress per district policy.

We appreciate families’ support with prioritizing your child’s attendance!