The Fox Positive Behavior Support plan emphasizes the positive. Responsible behaviors enable students to develop, strengthen, and maintain academic, personal, and interpersonal skills. These behaviors increase opportunities for success in school, at home, and in the community. The most important means of encouraging students are the minute-by-minute positive interactions that occur between staff and students. We will strive to interact with each student more frequently when the student is engaged in responsible behavior than when the student is not being responsible.

Special Attention

To increase the ratio of positive interactions for students, our staff is encouraged to acknowledge students with greetings and conversation throughout the day. Parent-teacher positive contact using the student planners, phone, or e-mail is also encouraged. Post cards home are encouraged.

FOX ‘Paw’sitives

‘Paw’sitive tickets are given to students for showing any one of the Fox Four traits. We believe that students who make these choices should be acknowledged for their efforts. Students are rewarded for earning ‘Paw’sitives in various ways, including school-wide activities, individual privileges, and the chance to win prize drawings. Students can be acknowledged as Fox Four Scouts with the ability to pass out Paws’itive tickets to others. They can trade chairs with the principal for the day, earn extra recess, and enjoy other fun things. Five tickets can be traded to the office for their school ID card, ten tickets for a Fox Pencil, 20 tickets for a Fox Ribbon, or 30 tickets for a School Bumper Sticker.

Signing the Success Book

Approximately every six weeks, school staff are asked to nominate students to sign the Fox Success Book. This book is on display in the Fox living room, a part of our school record, and will live on at Fox long after the students move on to other schools and beyond. It is an honor for students to put their name in the book and acknowledges kids for doing a good job. Staff members provide a certificate to each student which describes the reason for his/her nomination that they can bring home to parents. Students are announced on the news or in front of their peers at an assembly to celebrate positive behavior.

The Rob Warren Acts of Kindness Award

The Rob Warren Acts of Kindness Award will be given to the Fox Student at the end of the school year who best represents the qualities of kindness, cooperation, and respect for everyone. This award is a lasting tribute to a boy who was best known for his smile, big heart, sense of humor, and compassion. 5.

The Courage of Lucy Award

The purpose of this award is to recognize children who positively handle life’s challenges, i.e., ill family members, family tragedy, teasing, sticking up for a friend, etc. The Courage of Lucy Award will be given to the Dorothy Fox student who showed the following characteristics: Courage in adversity, facing life-changing or threatening situations with honesty, exhibiting grace under pressure, showing selfless behavior or acts, having a positive countenance, and a role model in each area.

Per district policy, Fox avoids using food as a form of reward or incentive for students.