We invite parents and guardians to visit and participate in school activities as volunteers. Parents are welcome to chaperone students on field trips and to share their time and unique talents with students. To volunteer at any Camas School District school, submission and approval of a Volunteer Application are required. You will receive an email when you are cleared to volunteer; please wait until then before helping out at school or chaperoning. An approved volunteer application lasts for two years.  

Parents and other visitors are always welcome in our school. However, for the safety of our children, we must insist that all visitors come to the office before going to any location on campus to sign in and get a visitor sticker. Additionally, this check-in procedure lets staff know who is in the building in an emergency. So please, come to the office to check in, even if you have been here many times or are just having lunch. Our intent is never to offend or discourage your visits; we need to account for everyone in our building.

If an adult visitor wishes to observe a classroom, a time should be prearranged with the classroom teacher and the principal. Inviting friends or other children to visit is not permitted during the regular school day.

Classroom Support

There are many ways to get involved at your child’s school. First, speak with your child’s teacher about how you can support the classroom. Chances are there are several ways to participate: direct student involvement or prepping supplies in the workroom or at home.