Google Classroom is our platform for providing student work and communicating coursework with families!

To access your student work, you will have two options:

Weekly Google Updates:

At the start of each class, teachers will invite guardians to receive weekly updates for their child’s classes via Classroom.  This invitation will come in the form of an email and will give you the choice to receive daily or weekly updates for each class you are invited to.  These reports will be a summary of the work assigned, a list of missing assignments, and announcements the teacher has posted each week.

Full Student Access:

If you want comprehensive access to your child’s classes, the best way is to log in as them.  By going to you can log in using your student’s email and password.  Student usernames follow this pattern: (  Passwords are chosen by students, so please talk to your child to have access to their account.  Once you have logged in, you can go to each class and see what work has been turned in, what is coming up, and announcements for the students.  If you are having trouble accessing your child’s password information, you can reach out to their counselor (Last Name A-L: and M-Z