Camas middle schools use Standards-Based Grading to monitor our students’ comprehension of lessons taught throughout the year.  The Washington State Office of  Superintendent of Public Instruction has set learning standards to be taught in each subject at each grade level.  As our teachers present the standard through class lessons, students are graded on their understanding of the standard.  These standards will be labeled LO (Learning Opportunity) or AE (Assessed Event) in our new web-based tracking portal, Jumprope.  Student understanding of the standard can be:

ME: Meets Standard – This is the score for students who have independently demonstrated they understand or can perform the standard

PR: Progressing – This score indicates that a student is making progress toward meeting the standard.  They have mastered some of the components of that standard and are working towards mastery.

BE: Below Standard – This score indicates that even with support, a student is struggling to demonstrate an understanding of parts or all of the standard.

IN: Insufficient Evidence – This score indicates that either no work was turned in, or the work that was submitted was incomplete to the point that the teacher was unable to assess understanding.